5 Qualities To Attract Investors To Your Startup

1. A great pitch that nails your solution

By now you might have heard about the ‘elevator pitch’ — a very short presentation of the problem you want to solve and your solution to it, usually 30 seconds to a minute in length. With the average consumer attention span sitting at around 8 seconds, it’s not hard to imagine why a concise pitch is so important.

2. A good team and passionate founders

You’ve convinced a potential investor that there’s a problem and that you have a solution to it — great work. But before you get any kind of commitment, there’s an essential question you must answer:

  1. Experience
  2. Personal qualities
  3. Perspectives

3. Researched data on your addressable market

Knowledge is everything, and knowledge about your potential market can make or break a deal. Understanding who your potential customers are demonstrates to investors that your product has a market and shows them the potential that your idea has to be profitable.

4. Demonstrated product/market fit

42% of businesses fail because they don’t have any customers. This challenge is more complicated than it seems — even if you’ve researched your market thoroughly, understand who you’re targeting and have identified a strong need among them for your product, getting them to become your customer is an incredible challenge.

5. A clear exit strategy

Investors aren’t charities — they’re investing in you in the hope they’ll make a profit. Having a clear exit strategy gives investors confidence that you have a solid plan, and also ensures your start-up can survive a withdrawal of capital.

Get Funding From Adaverse

Once you’ve got everything together, it’s time to get looking. Consolidate everything into a concise pitch deck (aim for around ten slides), with each slide containing concise and important information. Start sending this out to potential investors and see if you can arrange some meetings.



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