The Founder’s Guide to Product Marketing

Kicking Off With An Ideal Go-To-Market Strategy

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4 min readJan 31, 2022

— The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

Having the best idea in the world is only a potential; your idea becomes a solution when it is transformed into a product that people can identify with, use, and enjoy. The first step of creation is to determine the most effective method for bringing your vision to life. As a founder with a ready MVP, the next critical step is strategic product marketing, which many budding entrepreneurs overlook.

What is Product Marketing?

Product marketing encompasses a variety of activities aimed at ensuring your product reaches the intended consumers at the budgeted cost within the specified period. Yes, it involves marketing activities such as advertising and promotion, but there is much more going on beneath the surface. You need a product marketing strategy that takes into consideration important factors like user feedback, customer success stories, and sales data.

If that sounds like a lot to handle, have no fear: getting started with an ideal product marketing strategy is simple if you keep a few key points in mind. In this article, we’ll discuss those points in greater detail and examine how even beginners can succeed with product marketing.

Four Essentials To Product Marketing Success

1. Speak the language of your market

Your product marketing strategy should never be an afterthought: it should always be informed by the research and feedback received throughout the life of your business. Market research is critical not only for product development but also for understanding how to communicate effectively with your market.

Understanding the language of your market is vital, even more so in Africa, where languages and ethnic groups are diverse. You may be required to communicate in multiple dialects, and express your products to cater to the indigenes e.g. translating your adverts to local dialects and pidgin.

Additionally, speaking your market’s language goes beyond the dialects and accents unique to your geographical location; the language style or ‘voice’ with which you communicate is also critical.

If your target market desires luxury, communicate with them about their comfort and prestige. If they desire authority, use the language of an expert. If they appreciate familiarity, speak to them with a tone of friendliness.

What’s important is that your words are in the language they want to hear.

2. Sell your story

Storytelling is hardwired into our brains as a necessary component of our humanity. More than logic or might, stories are what convinces people to act — and they can influence how much your audience cares about your brand.

Your story takes your product or service from abstract to something people can relate with. It makes you human and allows people to form an emotional connection with what you’re offering. Content is king and you do not want to lose your crown.

Sharing stories of hurdles you crossed at the start of your project would endear more people through the power of motivation. Sharing snippets of company employee profile and their unique personalities will help consumers form a connection with the service they’re offered.

Ultimately, your story is whatever you make it to be. But whatever it is it should both encapsulate your mission and drive you towards achieving it. “I’m here to make money” probably won’t cut it, but “this particular event inspired me to try and change the world” could.

3. Get the right people on your team

Anyone can be a product marketer, in the same way, that anyone could theoretically become a doctor. However, at the end of the day, some people are better suited for the task than others due to experience, the right skill set, and a personal drive to excellence. And this will be evident in the end result.

If you think marketing is easy and that anyone can do it, think again. Understanding the nuances of communication needed for success is a unique ability that requires training and development. Generally, the best course of action for any entrepreneur is to hire a skilled product marketer.

4. Seek network support

Never believe that you’re alone. While starting a business can be intimidating, seeking assistance is much easier than it appears. Whether it’s helping you in conducting market research, developing your voice, honing your story, or simply connecting you with people who possess the necessary skills to join your team, a strong network is a secret weapon in any business’s arsenal.

Adaverse assists startups in discovering the right networks. Our team and advisors have the experience and contacts necessary to help you overcome any obstacle, whether in product marketing, development, or capital limitation.

We’re also privileged to be accelerating crypto-native projects built on Cardano — the blockchain with one of the most incredible communities out there. For an example of an effective story, look no further than theirs: technology built by passionate people for the purpose of ensuring a fairer, brighter tomorrow. It’s something we believe in are passionate about sharing.

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