NFT Marketing As Brand Visibility Strategy

The shifting landscape of NFTs

NFT markets are growing and changing rapidly. The market tracker DappRadar analyzed the NFT over the course of 2021 and recorded a staggering $23 billion in sales.

Using NFT to create brand visibility and reward consumer loyalty

The properties of NFTs make them a dynamic and innovative tool for digital marketing. NFTs present an incredible opportunity for businesses to enhance their product and marketing at every stage of their business development, and to foster customer loyalty in ways previously unimaginable.

1. Building brand value

There are different ways in which NFTs can contribute positively to the growth of a brand’s value. The opportunities that they offer are varied and they can be customized depending on the marketing strategy. Among the main ones, NFTs offer the possibility to rethink branding in newer digital crypto spaces, allowing a direct connection with wider audiences and stronger fanbases.

2. Reaching a bigger audience

The launch of an NFT can be a thrilling opportunity for brands that want to reach larger audiences. The “trendiness” of the digital asset, alongside its accessibility, make it an ideal tool for brand visibility. Nonetheless, to actually find new audiences it is still important to use more traditional marketing techniques, such as SEO, Social Media Campaigns and Community Management.

3. Reaching the right marketplace

While good community management is key to reaching a wider and more loyal audience, the NFTs also need to be easily accessible to the users. The creation of NFTs can require a large amount of time and resources if done independently. Today, multiple NFT marketplaces have grown enough to allow users to share their own art and encrypt it without requiring any coding skills.

Launch your NFTs with Adaverse

Adaverse is a Cardano ecosystem accelerator committed to helping the next generation of African entrepreneurs and crypto artists. Through our expertise in NFT marketing and brand visibility, we aim to help all our projects take advantage of this sector’s exciting opportunities.



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