Women Leading in Web3: Chika Uwazie of Afropolitan

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2 min readMar 6, 2023
Chika Uwazie

As we celebrate the WomenHistoryMonth, we are inspired by one of our founders leading change in Africa through technology and innovation. Our #Web3Womancrush this week is Afropolitan co-founder Chika Uwazie, who is a serial entrepreneur, human resource expert, community builder, and changemaker passionate about using technology as a bridge for human capital development.

Chika is building impact at the intersection of Education, Community resource, and technology

Afropolitan was launched as a blockchain-powered internet country by Chika Uwazie and Eche Emole in 2018 to connect Africans and elevate their creative and entrepreneurial spirit to the global forefront. With the power of DeFi, Afropolitan creates opportunities of abundance with a secure, transparent, and efficient system for governance, financial services, and community-building for its citizens.

Before Afropolitan, Chika founded Career Queen, and was the CEO of TalentBase, a Silicon Valley-backed startup, having gained experience at international organisations including The Whitaker Group, World Bank, and Exxon Mobil. Her journey to become one of the leading women in Web3 was founded on creating equitable and sustainable access to resources to solve critical challenges faced by talents in Africa.

Chika believes that the tools and resources in the Web3 industry can be a powerful tool for empowering women, especially in Africa where women are often marginalized. One of the ways that Afropolitan is contributing to women’s participation in the Web3 industry is by creating a more inclusive environment for women where opportunities for mentorship and networking abound.

About Afropolitan

Afropolitan is the first Pan-African Network State with a mission to help 1 Billion Africans live their most abundant lives. By creating an ecosystem with a resource pool of black and African talent, culture, capital, information, and experiences across the globe that is accessible for Africans and Diasporan Africans to build.

Citizens of Afropolitan can mint their membership passport NFT to gain access to exclusive resources, events, and opportunities.
To become a part of this innovative futuristic nation, mint NFT here https://www.afropolitan.io/community

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