Why Demo Day Remains Relevant in Shaping Industries: A Heads-Up on Adaverse’s Upcoming Event

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4 min readSep 25, 2023

Adaverse is gearing up for an unparalleled Demo Day, a first for a Web3-focused portfolio in Africa. We've meticulously curated an elite list of investors, industry leaders, and global firms who will join us in this exclusive, invite-only event. The spotlight will be on our young, visionary portfolio startups, who are eager to unveil their groundbreaking solutions and win further backing in their transformative journey.

The Enduring Legacy of Demo Days

Before we delve into what our upcoming event holds, it's worth considering why Demo Days have held their ground in the venture capital ecosystem.

In an era dominated by big data and algorithm-driven investment decisions, the time-honoured tradition of Demo Days continues to occupy a unique space in the venture capital landscape.

Why do Demo Days persist in their relevance? Quite simply, they offer a tangible experience that numbers alone can’t convey. They serve as a curated platform where venture capitalists can witness innovation in real time, gain insights into a founder’s vision, and even capture the palpable energy of a startup poised to disrupt markets.

Adaverse Demo Day

Our upcoming Demo Day serves as a pivotal platform for over 20 groundbreaking startups like BuuPass, Fonbnk, AfriBlocks, Melanin Kapital, and Mazzuma. These startups are taking on urgent challenges not just in Africa but on a global stage.

  • BuuPass, for instance, is poised to revolutionize transportation in Africa by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.
  • Fonbnk aims to redefine how payments are processed, adding layers of efficiency and security to transactions.
  • AfriBlocks is challenging the conventional work narrative, bringing in fresh perspectives on project engagement and resource allocation.
  • Melanin Kapital has set its sights on uplifting green entrepreneurs through more equitable financial frameworks.
  • Mazzuma is pushing the boundaries of operational scalability with its proprietary technology, MazzumaGPT.

Global Relevance and Web3 Revolution

The startups in our portfolio are not only tackling challenges within Africa but are making strides on the global stage, particularly in the burgeoning Web3 domain. They are provoking a broader conversation about resource allocation and economic empowerment that transcends continental boundaries, making them relevant to the global investment community.

By bringing such high-achieving startups together, Adaverse’s Demo Day is more than a showcase — it’s a statement that supports the growing roots of Afri-tech solutions. These startups are tackling pressing challenges, not just within Africa but on a global scale. They are provoking a broader conversation about resource allocation and economic empowerment, vital topics that merit the attention of the global investment community.

What to Expect at Adaverse’s Exclusive, Invite-Only Demo Day

🚀 Over 20+ ground-breaking startups
🎤 Panels of industry experts
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 100+ connected investors and stakeholders from around the world
📺 Media coverage by renowned global outlets
💡 Keynote speech by Charles Hoskinson, the visionary founder of Cardano

Event Format

The Demo Day is a virtual event. Attendees will access a single-slide company summary, a brief company description, and team bios via the Demo Day website. A live stream will also be accessible, and each company will present for two minutes. Breakout rooms will be open for further engagement once all companies have pitched.

Event Details
🗓 Date: Friday, September 29
⏰ Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM GMT+1
Register: https://lu.ma/wit6hndn

The Significance for Startups

For startups, Demo Days represent a golden opportunity. It’s not just about funding but also about gaining visibility, refining pitches, and potentially finding mentors among the audience. It offers a chance for their disruptive ideas to exit the echo chambers of team meetings and early-stage development to be tested in front of a discerning crowd of experts.

Investment Opportunities

For venture capitalists and angel investors, our Demo Day offers an unparalleled opportunity for due diligence. As an attendee, you are afforded a rare vantage point from which to conduct meticulous due diligence. Our platform transcends traditional boundaries, presenting you with an intimate, thorough understanding of each startup’s vision, technology, and scalability. This isn’t just an opportunity to invest; it’s a chance to be a part of revolutionary change, to align your capital with startups poised to redefine industries and disrupt the status quo. Your investment acumen will find its most rewarding expression in the untapped potential displayed at Adaverse’s Demo Day.

For more information, visit the event page here — https://lu.ma/wit6hndn

Mark your calendars; this is one event that promises not just insight but foresight into the next wave of industry leaders.

​Please contact pitch@adaverse.co if you are an investor or media publication and have not received an invitation.



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