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Introducing the Accelerator and Alchemist for the next generation of African blockchain projects.

Adaverse Accelerator
4 min readOct 5, 2021

If you’re building anything, blockchain integration should be one of the first thoughts on your mind. The emergence and expansion of blockchain solutions over the last decade have been nothing less than staggering, growing from a total market capitalization of almost nothing to around $2 trillion at the start of October 2021.

In places where traditional financial systems have failed to reach hundreds of millions of people, crypto markets are offering the chance for the unbanked or underbanked to finally achieve financial freedom, attracting the attention of users from all economic backgrounds, rather than just the wealthy. Blockchain technology doesn’t just cater to the technically or financially minded — it has incredible things to offer everyone.

Africans are driving global adoption. In 2021, Nigeria has led the world in terms of crypto users, and a recent agreement between Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education and Cardano will see the largest single blockchain implementation ever. Citizens looking for ways to protect their wealth against inflation, governments looking for ways to control their currency, and businesses looking to implement scalable products are turning to blockchain, with everything from art NFTs to clean energy distribution to Central Bank Digital Currencies moving on-chain.

Blockchains promise to fundamentally change the way we interact with technology. The archetypal Cardano proves that the technology can not only provide secure, fast and scalable solutions to a broad set of challenges, but that it can also be extremely affordable for both users and developers.

Yet many startups and entrepreneurs are still struggling to find support for their ideas, with many VC funds and Angel investors preferring the perceived safety of other markets. While this is a challenge it also presents an incredible opportunity for visionary investors. Not only will they enter a strong and emerging market, but once in, they’ll find no shortage of incredible ideas just waiting for the support they need to get started.

Adaverse — Accelerator and Alchemist

Adaverse is a Cardano ecosystem accelerator that connects entrepreneurs with strategists and mentors to help build the projects of tomorrow. The accelerator is a collaboration between EMURGO, one of the founding parties of the Cardano Foundation, and Everest Ventures Group, a leading fintech investment and advisory group in Asia and Africa. With a first-tier network of advisors and investment partners, and with the backing of EMURGO’s massive $100 million investment fund, Adaverse is set to become Cardano’s leading incubator/accelerator in not only Africa, but the world.

Our mission is to help incubate/accelerate and invest in promising blockchain projects, ranging from DeFi and middleware through to NFTs, metaverse and gaming. The accelerator will not only help with development on the Cardano blockchain, but also assist with fundraising, marketing and other essential advisory services. By accelerating blockchain adoption in Africa, and by enhancing the Web 3.0 experience for users and developers alike, Adaverse is contributing to the ultimate goal of a secure, scalable and open blockchain network for a better world.

With support from a network of first-class investors and advisors, projects that enter the Adaverse accelerator can be sure they’re developing their ideas in the best possible environment. For investors, this means access to the lucrative African market through vetted and supported projects. And for developers, startups and entrepreneurs, Adaverse provides a platform to both develop ideas and connect with a global support network able to bring projects before an international market.

Our experienced team is led by Jerome Wong, Co-Founder and CBO of Everest Ventures Group and Partner at Aspen Digital, and Vincent Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Future Hub and former Investment Lead of Innotech Capital. They’re supported by experts in fintech, banking, digital media, marketing and business management, each with unique insights into both African and global markets. Adaverse is also backed by a pan-African network of partners and sponsors, including prominent tech media outlets and localized startup incubators.

What does Adaverse offer projects?

Adaverse is accepting applications from promising projects valued between $2 million and $30 million to join our three-month virtual accelerator program. The program includes:

  • $150,000 immediate funding for 6% equity and 8% future token or NFT supply, with additional advisory services upon negotiation
  • Strategic planning for product, token economics, fundraising, marketing and research
  • Fundraising through our joint venture partners
  • Product launch and listing management

Graduating projects will be equipped with the knowledge, capital and support needed for them to succeed in the highly competitive crypto markets, and in turn creating a positive impact on both their communities and the world.

We’re beyond excited to start this journey, and together with our partners, we’re looking forward to helping launch the next generation of African blockchain projects. Now is an incredible moment to be building not only with emerging technology, but also in emerging markets, and while the challenges we face will be great, the rewards for overcoming them will be even greater. Thank you for joining us, and we’re looking forward to sharing what comes next with all of you.

To read more about us, our partners, our process and to apply, visit adaverse.co today.



Adaverse Accelerator

Adaverse is a Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator that aggregates entrepreneurs, strategists and mentors building its most robust foundation in Africa.