Surviving the Dip

How to keep your business afloat during an economic downturn


We’re in some tough times, there’s no doubting that. You may be looking to the past for clues on how crypto got where it is right now, but we’ve never experienced anything quite like this before. We’ve never had such a variety of market participants, never had such an astonishing market value, and never had so much interest from users, developers, banks, corporations, investors and regulators.

Don’t panic

If you’ve already launched your solution, you may be watching in horror as your token’s price freefalls. If you’re fundraising, you may be looking around to find no VCs extending a hand.

  • Focus on core Research & Development
  • Double down on your product development and look for new opportunities.

Ask yourself the hard questions

Do we have a product-market fit? Do we have a sustainable business model? When your VC funds and your tokens run dry, will you still be here? In bull markets, these questions don’t need answers. In bear markets, they get answered whether you ask them or not.

You should Under-promise and overdeliver

This may be a moment in which the only VCs who’ll commit to giving you money will ask for more than you want to give them. Be patient. VCs are currently coming to terms with the fact that they’re in a new era of crypto, one in which they can’t just throw money into every idea that comes past their desk. If you’re confident you have a strong product with a product-market fit, VCs will be lining up around the corner to get a piece of the pie. Don’t compromise your project’s long-term sustainability with VC-favoured tokenomics.

Ask for advice: Adaverse has you covered

This isn’t the first market downturn, and it won’t be the last. 2008, 2012, 2017 and 2020 were all times of extreme fear — and there were of course periods in between which markets were shaky, to say the least.



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