Scaling in Emerging Markets: Investor Roundtable with Plug & Play and Techstars

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3 min readJan 8, 2024


We’re excited to kick off the new year with a unique edition of our Investor Roundtable, uniting great minds to chart the path for Web3 success in emerging markets. This first edition in 2024 will feature speakers from Techstars and Plug & Play, prominent startup accelerators and innovation hubs with a proven track record who will shed light on the topic: “ Scaling in Emerging Markets.”

Featuring a distinguished panel of speakers from the blockchain and Web3 sectors, along with successful entrepreneurs, this roundtable stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to fostering meaningful discussions. It aims to tap into the untapped potential of dynamic regions that are quickly becoming hotbeds of technological advancement and innovation.

Event Details

Topic: “Scaling in Emerging Markets”

Date: 25th January 2024 (Thursday)

Time:1PM EST / 6PM UTC/ 7PMWAT (1 hour duration)

Registration link:

Remarkable Insights From Previous Editions

Following the success of our 2023 Investor Roundtable series, where we highlighted the potential for blockchain innovation, with topics like “Is Africa an Investable Destination” and “Building the Future of African Finance with Crypto.” Notable figures such as Gurvinder Singh Ahluwalia from Digital Twin Lab and former IBM CTO, and Shogo Ishida, Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East and Africa, were among the key speakers with more guests from CMT Digital, Google, Jedar Capital, Briter Bridges, AudaCity Ventures.

The discussions shed light on the vast potential of blockchain innovation, identifying emerging trends, particularly in addressing the financial needs of the unbanked — a demographic estimated at 1 billion in emerging markets. The unique appeal of Web3 in these markets lies not just in its financial potential but in its ability to empower and connect communities, democratizing access to essential services and resources. Last year’s events, marked by insightful debates and collaborative breakthroughs, laid a strong foundation for what we envision in the coming years. We noted quite a significant growth in emerging solutions last year to bridge the gap for the unbanked, especially in Africa.

Our steadfast commitment to these emerging markets has been unmistakably demonstrated through our investment of $10 million across 60 ventures in 4 continents over the last two years. This strategic investment underscores our dedication to the growth and nurturing of these markets to the broader objective of contributing to the global expansion of Web3 technologies and solutions.

Building Forward

In 2023, EPFR Global reported a significant investment in emerging markets, with around $39 billion allocated to equities. Looking ahead to 2024, the trend appears positive, indicating continued growth in GDP and investor confidence in these markets. In line with this, our focus for the 2024 series begins with ‘Scaling in Emerging Markets.’ We aim to discuss the current state of Web3 in these regions and forge new pathways for their growth and development. This roundtable is not just a meeting of minds; it’s a strategic melding of ideas and visions, all set to propel the Web3 ecosystem to new heights.

What To Expect

This event promises to be a dynamic platform for discovery and connection. Attendees will delve into the essentials of scaling businesses in emerging markets, grasp the intricacies of blockchain and Web3, and uncover current trends in these fields. It’s a prime opportunity for young entrepreneurs to engage with industry leaders, broaden their networks, and ignite their innovative spirit.

Speaker Details

Host — Ishan Anand, Venture Partner at Adaverse


Join us for this enlightening experience — we invite ambitious entrepreneurs and future changemakers to be a part of this transformative journey. Register now and take your first step towards shaping the future of global innovation.

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