Raising Capital in Crypto: Insights from an Investment Analyst

BuildUp Africa S1E11 Recap

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4 min readJun 30, 2023

“I submitted my application but didn’t get funding.”
“I was advised to reapply because my project is not ready.”
“Why was my funding application not successful?”
“Investors are not eager to discuss with me after seeing my pitch deck.”

These questions resonate with countless young founders testing the waters of entrepreneurship. In today’s digital age, where competition is fierce and marketing strategies are aggressive, securing funding for startups is critical for growth. If you find yourself grappling with funding challenges, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many aspiring entrepreneurs face similar obstacles while trying to raise capital.

On BuildUp Africa Podcast S1E11, our host George Payne shines a spotlight on the crucial steps every founder must take when embarking on the journey of raising capital from the perspective of an Investment analyst, Abdul Rahman. We understand the significance of funding for startups, and this episode is dedicated to providing valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the funding landscape successfully.

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Meet Our Esteemed Guest: Abdul Rahman

In this episode, Abdul Rahman, a seasoned venture capital analyst and startup mentor at InnMind with over 7 years of experience in the Web3 space, shares his valuable insights and experiences. Having embarked on his own venture journey and collaborated with numerous startups and Web3 VCs, he has enriched his understanding of the domain.

Making informed decisions about fundraising is crucial for founders on their entrepreneurial journey, as the timing and approach can significantly impact startup success. Abdul Rahman sheds light on key considerations, market signals, and tools that can enhance fundraising efforts for early-stage Web3 startups. Understanding when to fundraise and how to approach investors with well-prepared materials is vital, and this episode provides invaluable guidance from an expert in the field.Podcast Talking points:

  1. Timing your raise
  2. Market conditions to look out for
  3. Addressable market considerations: growth and exit strategies
  4. Fundraising timeframes
  5. What to expect when you’re raising
  6. Tools to use and materials to prepare
  7. Checking out grants and hackathons
  8. Avoid outsourcing everything

Some Keynote Points

🌟Determining the Right Time to Raise Funds.

Knowing when to initiate fundraising efforts is crucial for founders. Rahman advises against raising funds solely due to a lack of financial resources. Instead, he suggests founders strive to reach their maximum potential, utilizing existing resources to create a solid minimum viable product (MVP) or establish a thriving community. Simultaneously, founders must clearly articulate how the raised funds will be utilized, providing a definite description of the allocation. When these aspects align, it indicates the right time to commence fundraising. He warns against the common mistake of raising funds too early, as it can dilute ownership and relinquish control of the company.

🌟Market conditions to look out for

Market cycles and external factors significantly influence fundraising success. Web3 startups have experienced a decline in funding since 2021, underscoring the importance of considering market conditions. In a bull market, startups can more easily attract investors willing to invest in their ventures. However, during a bear market, convincing investors of the startup’s potential requires more effort. Investors scrutinize use cases and seek genuine opportunities in bear markets. Nevertheless, even in a bull market, quality startups with solid products, well-defined plans, and the ability to attract the right investors can secure funding.

🌟Other Factors to Consider

Startups should also consider factors such as the size of the addressable market, the growth potential of the market, and the likelihood of a successful exit to generate returns for investors. These factors play a significant role in determining the right timing for fundraising efforts.

🌟Web 3 Fundraising Considerations

Rahman explores the unique aspects of fundraising in the Web3 space. He introduces the concept of tokenized raises, where tokens possess both ownership and utility. Tokenized fundraising offers flexibility and expedited processes, allowing projects to secure funding quickly. However, regulatory frameworks and uncertainties present challenges that entrepreneurs must navigate.

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Fundraising in the Web3 space presents both opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs. By strategically timing fundraising efforts, recognizing market signals, and leveraging the potential of tokenized fundraising, entrepreneurs can enhance their chances of securing investment. Staying updated on regulatory changes is also crucial. With the right approach and a well-prepared strategy, startups can optimize their fundraising efforts and secure the resources needed to thrive in the emerging Web3 ecosystem.

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