Marketing For a Web3 Startup: Insights From a Marketing Expert.

BuildUp Africa S1E12 Recap

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In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the peculiarity lies in its intricate interplay with industry sectors, target audiences, and product sentiments. Marketing experts have long deliberated on this intricate dance, continually adapting strategies to match evolving trends. With the advent of social media, a new era of advertising has emerged in this digital age, providing alternative avenues to reach audiences. Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have risen to prominence, wielding their established audiences as a powerful marketing tool.

However, within the realm of crypto, the marketing space takes on a heightened level of dynamism and challenge in finding the right target. While success is often measured by engagement metrics, it is imperative to scrutinize the impact on profit margins and website traffic. Are these trendy and viral campaigns truly delivering the expected outcomes?

Here is a recap of our latest podcast episode where we capture great insights from Marketing Expert and co-founder of a highly successful marketing agency.

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Podcast Recap

On our latest episode of the BuildUp Africa podcast, we had the privilege of hosting industry expert Sam van den Nieuwenhof, founder and director of Two-Door Marketing. With deep experience in Web3-focused marketing, Sam shared invaluable insights on the evolving African Web3 ecosystem and offered practical guidance on marketing strategies for startups in this dynamic space.

Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this enlightening conversation.

Sam van den Nieuwenhof is the co-founder and marketing director of Two-Door Marketing, an Australian-based agency specializing in Web3-focused marketing. With extensive experience in the Web3 sector, Sam offers a unique perspective on the intersection of marketing and entrepreneurship in the African tech landscape.

Marketing in the Web3 space.

Marketing in the Web3 sector goes beyond the traditional approach of promoting products and services. It becomes an integral part of the business itself, encompassing a wide range of activities such as advertising, partnerships, branding, press coverage, social media engagement, website development, documentation, and community building. The ultimate goal remains the same: engaging new customers and users while aiming for specific goals. While the delivery methods may differ, the fundamental principles of marketing apply to both Web2 and Web3 companies.

The Web3 ecosystem introduces new business models, community-building techniques, and stakeholder involvement. However, certain fundamental principles still apply. Understanding the target audience, developing a brand narrative, and implementing effective marketing activities remain crucial. The key lies in adapting these principles to the Web3 context, considering the unique characteristics and preferences of the target market.

Foundational Frameworks for Web3 Marketing.

Sam emphasizes the importance of starting with the basics when developing a marketing campaign within the Web3 ecosystem. The foundational principles of marketing still apply, and they include:

Research: This has to do with having clear understanding of the product and identifying the target customer. Conducting a thorough competitive analysis, including a SWOT analysis, enables businesses to differentiate themselves and position their offerings effectively.

Branding: Crafting a compelling brand narrative and mapping the customer journey are crucial steps in developing a successful web3 marketing strategy. Defining the customer’s interaction with the product at every touchpoint allows businesses to optimize their marketing efforts. Market segmentation further enhances the effectiveness of the strategy by tailoring messages and channels to specific customer segments.

Optimizing Discoverability and SEO in Web3: Discoverability plays a vital role in marketing web3 products. A robust SEO strategy entails maintaining a high-quality website, adhering to best practices for clean HTML, and securing valuable backlinks. Additionally, leveraging the relative lack of competition in the Web3 space, businesses can strategically use blogs to target specific keywords and enhance their online presence.

Navigating the Web3 Media Landscape.

The role of media in driving the adoption and growth of Web3 products and services cannot be underestimated. Sam highlights the importance of thoughtful and strategic media interactions.

Instead of relying solely on press releases, Web3 startups should focus on creating captivating narratives through advertorials and feature articles. By aligning their brand with broader issues and engaging readers on a deeper level, startups can effectively position themselves within the media landscape, fostering genuine connections and driving engagement.


As the African Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, a solid marketing foundation becomes increasingly crucial. By leveraging the insights shared by Sam van den Nieuwenhof, African Web3 startups can navigate the dynamic landscape with confidence, harnessing the power of strategic marketing to unlock their full potential.

We have explored just a few interesting points discussed in the podcast. In summary, for Web3 founders, differentiating between investors and users, clarifying the target audience, and ensuring product-market fit are essential steps.

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