How to Build and Sustain Your Brand Reputation

Making and keeping a good name ✨

✨Start it right

If you’re thinking about starting a business, think about starting it right. It might take longer and even cost a little more money, to begin with, but starting your endeavour with everything above-board will save you time, money and branding headaches down the track.

✨Be accountable

Businesses are made of people, and unfortunately, people are flawed. Even if you’ve been an ethical leader from day one, someone in your team might begin to do some unacceptable things. Sometimes this is intentional, sometimes it’s because of an oversight — regardless, you should have systems of accountability in place to make sure you address issues as soon as they crop up.

✨Keep it clean

Even if you’ve done everything perfectly, problems can still arise. If you’ve created a good culture of accountability, you can detect discrepancies early on and act on them as quickly as possible. If it involves the personal conduct of a team member, report it to HR and allow their due process to resolve the issue. If you’ve detected illegal behaviour by a member of your team, consult with your legal counsel before following it up with the relevant authorities.

✨Seek mentor advice

The world of business is far from simple to navigate. Business culture has its own norms, and if you operate across borders there are a lot of rules you need to stay ahead of. Even operating a local business comes with challenges to negotiate, whether local laws or troublesome competition.

✨Make a positive contribution to Society

At the core of every good idea is the drive to help people. After all, you’ve identified a problem and decided to build a business around solving it, and in doing so, made someone’s life easier or better. You can also include community service as part of your contribution to your society by funding and supporting humanitarian causes.


At Adaverse, we pride ourselves on helping our incubated projects begin with a solid foundation, and our expert advisors are always available for founders to call on should they need help. If you’d like to get your brand off to the best possible start, get in touch with us today.



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