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3 min readNov 8, 2021

Hello there,

Our webinar for Dapp development beginners was successful and we want to share the highlights with you.

As part of our mission to boost the digital economy in Africa, we use educational webinars and intensive coaching, curated by leading blockchain experts to usher passionate and ambitious young African developers into the Decentralised Ecosystem.

On November 6th, we held a 2 hour-long forum that was hosted by our partner — Chuta Chimezie, who is a leading tech expert in blockchain development in Africa. He is a blockchain educator, serial author, and founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group — one of the largest communities of crypto asset enthusiasts and industry thought leaders. He was happy to share his vast wealth of experience touching on various topics that include;

  • Juicy career opportunities in Dapp development,
  • Basic requirement for smart contract and front-end development,
  • Best blockchains for building Dapps,
  • Available Funding for decentralised projects, and
  • Further learning resources.

You can watch the full video on our youtube channel

Here are the 5 important reasons to become a Dapp developer as shared by Chuta;

1. Increasing Demand for Skilled Dapp Developers

The emerging technologies are already taking over the global economy with borderless transactions and a thriving metaverse, causing an increased demand for skilled Dapp developers but there are not enough skilled hands especially in Africa. As a web developer who is already versed in technology frameworks, it is an upskill to join the fast-moving train of Trust technology.

2. Highly Lucrative Job Opportunities

On an average, Dapp developers are being paid over $100,000 annual salaries. Because this field of technology is recent and gradually evolving, it accommodates developers with upcoming skills and a capacity for rapid growth. Any ambitious web developer with knowledge on programming languages like Solidity can begin the journey to Dapp development with the available tools and earn substantial income within a few months.

3. Support for New and Disruptive Technologies

Web developers are stakeholders in the global tech industry and should actively embrace changes, especially showing support for disruptive technologies that are pushing the economic frontier. The decentralised technology is creating a paradigm shift with new business models and capital growth that benefits everyone.

4. Opportunity to Influence a Lasting Change

Decentralised Apps are creating avenues for individuals to create financial solutions that are indigenous to their communities, especially for content creators in smaller economies. Dapp developers can seize the opportunity to make an impact in their communities, and marginalised environments by bridging the gap between local producers of content to the borderless global market.

5. Available Funding and Communal Support

There is enough support in the decentralised ecosystem for growth. The decentralised economy has ample human and financial resources that are readily available to boost development. Cardano is one of the many investors that are providing resources and grants to fund crypto-native projects in Africa.

That is not all…

Remember, we held an intensive 2 hours forum and our tidbits are just to whet your appetite. You should dive into the full video to learn much more on Dapp development.


Our dream at Adaverse is to help launch your crypto-native project to greater heights with adequate funding, tech support and education. You can check out our FAQs for the accelerator program or send us an email for further enquiries to

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