Fractional IP and Adaverse Join Forces to Support Web3 Startups in Africa and Asia

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3 min readJul 17, 2023


PRESS RELEASE: 17 July 2023

Fractional IP, an intellectual property consultancy firm, is announcing its strategic collaboration with Adaverse, a leading Web3 investor, and Cardano Accelerator in Africa and Asia. Adaverse supports blockchain founders in scaling their Web3 solutions by providing funding, mentorship, and essential tech infrastructure. Adaverse and Fractional IP, using their proprietary solution PMA Canvas will work together to develop and protect Web3 innovative solutions, ensuring their strategic commercialisation and long-term success.

As the internet evolves, Web3 is and will continue to revolutionise the digital landscape with its decentralised attributes and advanced technologies such as blockchain, virtual realities, machine learning, and general AI. It offers a decentralised and blockchain-based reality for many of our current value systems, enabling greater autonomy, security, and efficiency. Cryptocurrencies play a vital role in Web3 services, while AI empowers intelligent and adaptive web experiences.

Recognising the significance of Intellectual Property (IP) in this rapidly evolving space, Adaverse has partnered with Fractional IP to provide comprehensive support to Web3 startups. Protecting and managing IP rights is crucial for maintaining a competitive advantage and maximising the potential for success. By bridging the gap between ideation and final output, this collaboration will ensure qualitative and valuable research outcomes. This will cover not only IP protection and strategy building but also make the research fit for commercialisation by creating a research culture that veers away from reinventing the wheel. Fractional IP looks forward to working with Adaverse and its Startup School to assist innovators in bringing their ideas to market.

As the Web3 space continues to evolve, the collaboration between Adaverse and Fractional IP is poised to drive innovation, enable the protection of IP, and accelerate the growth of Web3 startups in Africa and Asia. For startups looking to build their tech ventures and generate valuable intangible assets, this partnership presents a unique opportunity for comprehensive support and guidance.

About Fractional IP

Fractional IP is an Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital Management firm dedicated to protecting and managing IP rights and specialises in providing comprehensive IPR solutions, such as its patent marketplace platform, to clients across the globe in various industries. They have a team of experienced IP attorneys and professionals well-versed in IP and innovation strategy, patent law, trademark registration, copyright protection, and trade secret management. Their approach is tailored to align objectives and leverage expertise to safeguard and manage innovations and brand assets. Through this collaboration, Adaverse and its innovators will gain access to valuable tools and strategies for effective monetisation of their IP assets.

About Adaverse

Adaverse, a Cardano-focused accelerator jointly established by EMURGO Africa, a subsidiary of EMURGO, the official commercial arm of the Cardano protocol, and Everest Ventures Group, is dedicated to identifying and scaling promising Web3 projects in Africa and Asia, contributing to the advancement of the emerging digital economy. Adaverse has built a strong market presence in both regions, serving as a bridge between Africa and Asia while nurturing the broader global Web3 ecosystem. With a primary focus on promoting Cardano integration, Adaverse provides comprehensive support in funding, strategy, and technical infrastructure to blockchain entrepreneurs at various stages of development.

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