EMURGO Africa’s Adaverse to Host a Founders Hangout in Abuja to Promote Cardano Blockchain Among Nigerian Entrepreneurs

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3 min readSep 22, 2022


The Cardano Blockchain Founders Hangout #BFH is an exclusive event that connects and identifies young Africans developing the next wave of socially impactful solutions using Web3.0 tools. The #BFH 1.0 was launched in Lagos Nigeria this year by Cardano accelerator Adaverse in partnership with EMURGO Africa. To drive Cardano awareness across the country and Africa at large, the Cardano Founders Hangout recorded a huge gathering of over 200 attendees in Lagos — including startup founders in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockchain evangelists, policy experts, and press media, among others — passionate about building a thriving digitally-relevant economy in Africa.

The third Blockchain Founders Hangout #BFH3.0 will be held in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria on September 25, 2022. Vincent Li and Chuta Chimezie, both partners at Adaverse, will be in Abuja on Sunday to meet with entrepreneurs, startups, blockchain developers, and other company representatives to hold discussions about the challenges faced by African Web3 startups and to offer solutions for all your startup needs. The event will highlight ground-breaking Web3 projects in Africa, Adaverse portfolio companies, EMURGO Africa’s investment goals, and how young entrepreneurs can get support for startup growth.

To skip to the Hangout details, see the conclusion of this blog for the RSVP link. Read on to learn more about EMURGO Africa and Adaverse.

About EMURGO Africa

The Cardano blockchain, an open source and decentralized blockchain platform driven by a research-first methodology has EMURGO as its official commercial arm and as one of its founding entities. A global leader in blockchain technology, EMURGO offers services and products to governments, businesses, startups, and developers wanting to develop Web3 solutions on Cardano.

One of EMURGO’s two investment arms, EMURGO Africa, has already made sizable investments in the Web3 market to help the Cardano ecosystem grow by utilizing a range of Web3 technologies and services. One of the goals of EMURGO Africa, which was established in 2021, is to gather the resources needed to encourage the use of Cardano as the default tech infrastructure platform for businesses producing Web3 products to fuel the rapidly increasing African digital economy.

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About Adaverse

With its strongest network in Africa and UAE, Adaverse is a Cardano ecosystem accelerator, formed as a joint venture between EMURGO Africa and Everest Ventures, that brings together business owners, technology experts, and mentors to support young startups building the future of Africa on Web3 tools. This joint venture established in September 2021, provides funding, coaching, and technical infrastructure to blockchain founders so they can scale Web3 solutions across the world using tools on Cardano, one of the first environmentally sustainable proof-of-stake blockchains.

By working with the most experienced mentors and guiding through product construction and go-to-market strategies, Adaverse seeks to promote the growth of unique projects and the success of entrepreneurs built on Cardano. True to its word, Adaverse recently disclosed a strategic investment in Diagon Studios, a gaming technology firm based in Nigeria that is passionate about driving Web3 adoption through NFTs and hyper-casual games.

Adaverse has invested money in over 15 businesses across six industries including but not limited to gaming, NFTs, and the Metaverse. In addition to funding, Adaverse provides founders with a comprehensive 3-month accelerator program that includes 3 months of intense training, 24 hours of one-on-one mentoring, and a team of industry veterans and experts with in-depth knowledge of venture capital, entrepreneurship, and financial markets.

Learn more about Adaverse and apply for funding here

Hangout Info and Details

Guest Speakers

  • Vincent Li — Founding Partner at Adaverse
  • Chuta CHIMEZIE- Partner at Adaverse and Founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group
  • Nnamdi Uba — CEO and Founder of HouseAfrica
  • Charles Okaformbah — CTO and Founder of Convexity

Location — Nisa Wellness Retreat. British Village, 14 Ejigbo CL, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria 904101 View Map

Date — September 25th, 2022

Time — 3:00 PM WAT

RSVP — Click this link (Registration is free but mandatory)

Contact EMURGO

Contact Adaverse

Email — official@adaverse.co



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