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Amazing NFT creators — including African artists — are emerging on Cardano in droves; check out our list of projects to look out for in 2022.

NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain

If you paid attention to the news last year, you must be familiar with the acronym NFT or the word ‘Nifty’ popping up frequently on leading media platforms. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million in an NFT auction, Beeple’s digital art clinched $69 million at Christie’s and many NFT collections such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Art blocks also saw significant sales totalling millions of dollars. At the end of 2021, NFT global value hit $22 billion according to Dappradar — a firm that tracks NFT sales globally.

NFTs have captured the imagination of as many people as they’ve baffled, and after a year of rapid growth, it’s become apparent that this technology is here to stay.

In this article we’ll explore some of the coolest NFT projects emerging on Cardano — in no particular order — and how to get the right support for your tokenised projects on Cardano.

First, What Are NFTs?

NFTs are unique crypto assets that can represent anything of worth that exists in physical or digital form and are recorded permanently on the blockchain.

NFTs have an incredible number of use cases. They’re as ubiquitous as blockchains, and just as we’ll see blockchains integrate further into our daily lives, the NFTs we build on them have the potential to do the same. From digital identification to inventory management, NFTs promise to simplify the process of digitizing unique objects.

NFTs on Cardano

Cardano, being one of the most exciting blockchains for innovative development, is beginning to see a growing number of NFTs spring up. Being on Cardano, these NFTs have a special name — CNFTs. No points for guessing right what the ‘C’ stands for 😉

Cardano-based NFTs are listed on the — the Cardano marketplace which now has approximately 887428 assets. Anyone without tech know-how can buy, mint, or sell an NFT on As a relatively young ecosystem, CNFTs have a lot of room to grow — and as Cardano’s adoption increases, the size of the CNFT market is only set to grow with it.

Here are Four CNFTs With Potential in 2022

  • Afrixx

Afrixx is the first generative CNFT project on Cardano focused on telling African stories. Built by a remarkable group of young artists and developers, Afrixx preserves African history and culture through stunning CNFTs that capture the essence of African legends and their powerful stories. By embedding these legends into CNFTs and bestowing collectible attributes to them, their aim is to raise awareness of these cultural traditions and to ensure their long-term preservation.

  • GlitchCreation

Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, GlitchCreation is an innovative and visually striking generative CNFT project. The success of their previous drops is a strong indication that GlitchCreation could become a mainstay of the CNFT ecosystem, and their philosophy of evolution is certainly a reason to pay attention.

  • Aeoniumsky

With a distinct aesthetic style and a development strategy that mirrors that of its parent chain Cardano, aeoniumsky is a CNFT project that should be on everyone’s radar, regardless of whether or not they use Cardano regularly. The crew behind the project regularly releases collections of both their own work, as well as collaborations with other artists.

Like many distinctive NFT projects, aeoniumsky also hints at something bigger. Could it be a Play-to-Earn game? Or maybe a metaverse bid? Perhaps they’re just interested in making interesting art? Either way, make sure you’re keeping a close eye on this project and its developments in the emerging CNFT market.

  • Drunken Dragon

What would an NFT list be without a few Play-to-Earn game assets these days? Drunken Dragon is a fantasy tavern management game with collectible furniture and tradable characters. It was one of the first P2E games to launch on Cardano and has remained a popular title in the community ever since. Their adorable pixel art style and interesting token economy make it a title to keep an eye on.

Why Mint NFTs on Cardano?

Cardano is rapidly establishing itself as a hub for NFTs and one of the leading blockchains for developers. Users and creators alike are flocking to the platform, attracted by the high speed, low costs and minimal environmental impact. And particularly for those unfamiliar with how blockchains work, the technology’s carbon footprint is a common pain point and the reason why many artists are avoiding NFTs at all.

With Cardano, this is no longer a problem — the network consumes a minimal amount of energy, particularly when compared with other blockchain giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Artists and developers with interesting ideas also have the opportunity to enter an emerging ecosystem as it begins to expand. As we’ve seen on many other blockchains, first movers always have an advantage — and that is still the case with so many Cardano projects sprouting up.

Accelerate Your NFT Project with Adaverse

Getting started with NFTs and crypto can be challenging. Projects regularly fail without the proper support — but success is just a message away. If you’re interested in building your tokenised ideas on Cardano, be it through DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, or Metaverse, make sure you consider applying to the Adaverse accelerator. We provide formidable support for ideas, from inception all the way to launch and beyond, with technical, business and financial support.

We’re aiding the explosion of blockchain use-cases in Africa. empowering African brilliant innovators with a go-to-market strategy, mentorship and project funding.

Adaverse is a Cardano Alchemist and Accelerator, set up by EMURGO Africa in collaboration with Everest Ventures Group, to accelerate early start-up with impact-driven solutions in Africa, through funding, mentorship and connecting to a robust network on the Cardano ecosystem.

We are open to applications year-round from African-based startups with a crypto-native edge and a proven concept. Apply here

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