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Investor Roundtable Event — June Edition

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4 min readJul 18, 2023

Adaverse, the leading venture fund and Cardano-focused accelerator in Africa and Asia, recently hosted a momentous event aimed at uniting a diverse cohort of investors, founders, and builders to explore the vast opportunities and challenges within the African crypto ecosystem. The virtual event, held on Thursday, June 29th, marked the debut edition of Adaverse Education’s monthly Investor Roundtable — an exclusive, invite-only session focused on African and emerging market venture capital within the Web3 landscape.

Meticulously organised, the event provided attendees with invaluable insights, strategies, and experiences essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of Web 3 technologies and investments in the African region.

This article provides a concise summary of the event’s highlights and features iconic guest speakers who shared their insights.

Web3 Market is Evolving in Africa

The June edition of the event had a compelling theme: “Building the Future of African Finance with Crypto.” The discussions began with a warm welcome from our host, Ishan Anand, Adaverse Venture Partner, and proceeded with an insightful keynote address delivered by Gurvinder Singh Ahluwalia, Founder and CEO of Digital Twin Lab and former CTO at IBM. Gurvinder eloquently discussed the current state of the Web3 market, focusing on the unique trends in Africa and the abundant potential for crypto startups.

According to Gurvinder, “The Web3 market in Africa is still evolving, providing ample room for innovation. This is an opportune time for us to build or invest in this realm, as the potential and possibilities are limitless.”

Renowned thought leaders and enterprising visionaries from the global Web3 landscape graced the occasion as distinguished speakers during the roundtable sessions. The illustrious panel of experts included Erikan Obotetukudo, founder of AudaCity Ventures; Shogo Ishida, Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East and Africa; Ik Kanu, Founding Partner at Atlantica Ventures; Segun Cole, Managing Partner at Maasai; Joseph Lassen, investment partner at CMT Digital; and Christian Narvaez, Co-Founder of Web3 Familia. Their presence and contributions added depth and expertise to the discussions, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of crypto startups in Africa.

Panel Discussions

Moderated by William Phelps, Adaverse’s investment manager, and Mouloukou Sanoh, co-founder of Cassava Network, the discussions featured salient points that opened up insights from panelists and entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience garnered over several decades of managing tech and innovative enterprise companies. The first-panel session, titled ‘Investing in Crypto Startups in Africa,’ proved to be an enthralling exploration of various facets. The panelists shared their invaluable insights on tailored investment strategies for crypto startups in Africa, the essential considerations when evaluating and selecting such startups, overcoming challenges within the African crypto ecosystem, and the impact of the market’s opportunities, risks, and regulatory landscape on investments.

During the event, William Phelps, investment manager at Adaverse and Future Hub Africa with hands-on experience in deal sourcing and investing in the African Web3 space, underscored the unique opportunities presented by the African crypto market. He emphasized that to make meaningful investments in this landscape, it is essential to possess a profound understanding of local dynamics and maintain a long-term vision.

Web3 Startups Need Cohesive Growth Support

The final session of the event centered around engaging in another panel discussion, which focused on the theme of ‘Supporting Crypto Startups’ Growth.’ Enthusiastic participants immersed themselves in vibrant conversations, delving into crucial aspects such as mentorship and advisory support, access to funding and capital, the influential role of networking and partnerships, the significance of building robust teams and talent acquisition, and strategies for scaling and international expansion.

The culmination of the event marked a significant milestone, with over 100 participants actively engaged in the virtual roundtable. This pivotal moment underscored the importance of collaboration and a community-focused approach when it comes to scaling Web3 companies. The discussions and interactions throughout the event fostered an environment that encouraged participants to explore and seize investment opportunities within the African crypto ecosystem.

What’s Next?

July Investor Roundtable Is Around The Corner

Mark your calendars for an exciting upcoming event: the July edition of the highly commended Investor Roundtable by Adaverse Education will be taking place on July 27. This edition will delve further into the investment landscape in Africa with a crucial question in mind: “Is Africa an Investable Destination?”

Limited availability will make this event exclusive, so be sure to express your interest by registering on the event page: Check out the event page here to register

Join us for this transformative gathering as we delve deeper into the African market, navigate its evolving dynamics, and seize the promising opportunities within the crypto ecosystem.

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