As Cardano NFT is on the rise, will CNFT be the next big hit?

How to hold the ever-increasingly popular Cardano NFT?

PART I: What Exactly Is Happening With NFTs

In terms of overall rankings, Cardano has seen a significant increase in user activity since the major Vasil upgrade in September.

Is Cardano NFT worth paying attention to?

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Collaborative Vibes

Besides Clay Nation, we can also take a look at some of the other popular and notable NFT series on Cardano.

  • Chilled Kongs: one of its series was sold for 8888 ADA (about USD$2700).
  • Pavia: the first Cardano-based metaverse NFT project.
  • Spacebudz: recorded the first Cardano NFT sale above $1 million

What are NFT tools available for the Cardano network?

🚀NFT Trading Marketplace: JPG.STORE

  • Support most Cardano wallets.
  • Have a wide range of NFT collections.
  • 2% transaction fee.
  • Provide minting tools.
  • Offer NFT series ranking.
  • Offer creators with royalty.
  • No escrow (no third party temporarily holding funds in the transaction).

🚀NFT Data Analysis Tool: CNFT Jungle

PART II: How to buy and sell NFT on Cardano?

How To Use Nami Wallet

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