Adaverse Reiterates Support For Web3 Growth In Africa At The Kano Blockchain Founders Hangout

Blockchain innovators in Northern Nigeria are encouraged to scale through strategic partnerships

Chimezie Chuta, Adaverse Partner in Nigeria
William Phelps, Aderverse Investment Manager
Mahmoud Saduana, CEO at Bitkova Academy
VIBRA’s Marketing Director, Samuel Joseph
Participants engaging during the panel session

About Adaverse

Founded in 2021, Adaverse is a joint venture between EMURGO Africa and Everest Ventures to improve Web3 startup growth in Africa. As part of EMURGO’s $100 million Cardano investment vehicle, Adaverse is positioned to steadily build the projected $139.4 billion African blockchain market by 2028. Since its launch, Adaverse has invested in 25 Web3 blockchain startups across Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroun etc.

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Adaverse Accelerator

Adaverse is a Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator that aggregates entrepreneurs, strategists and mentors building its most robust foundation in Africa.