Adaverse Reiterates Support For Web3 Growth In Africa At The Kano Blockchain Founders Hangout

Blockchain innovators in Northern Nigeria are encouraged to scale through strategic partnerships

Adaverse Accelerator
4 min readDec 12, 2022

Another edition of the Cardano Blockchain Founders Hangout was held on the 3rd of December 2022, where ADAVERSE, the Cardano ecosystem accelerator in Africa restated its commitment to contribute towards economic growth and development in the Web3 ecosystem through strategic collaboration. The event had a massive turnout from the youths in Kano including several blockchain startups in Northern Nigeria. The message was evident — Nigerian youths are passionate about building the economy through Web3 tools.

Numerous startups were spotted among the attendees of the event. With over 300 participants present, the Cardano #BFH in Kano set a huge record over previous editions held in Lagos, Abuja and Kenya, as it brought together a diverse pool of talents in the fintech space across Web 2 and Web 3, in collaboration with other stakeholders including Vibra Africa, Cassava Network and Bitkova Academy.

Chimezie Chuta, Adaverse Partner in Nigeria gave a keynote speech to encourage young developers and entrepreneurs to build the right products focused on solving core challenges in the nation’s developing digital economy.

Chimezie Chuta, Adaverse Partner in Nigeria

Chuta further explained why African youths need to be innovative and create market-fit ideas that resonate with the needs of the ecosystem as this will not only generate customers but gives an edge when sourcing for funding.

William Phelps, Adaverse investment manager in his presentation, mentioned the criteria needed for start-up companies to get funding as Adaverse continues to welcome applications from young start-ups in Africa.

William Phelps, Aderverse Investment Manager

In the last year, twenty-five (25) young startups in the blockchain space have received funding from Adaverse and also commenced a 3-months intensive accelerator program to help scale their businesses. Phelps further reiterated that in collaboration with EMURGO Africa the founding entity of Adaverse, more companies will receive backing in the coming weeks.

Other ecosystem partners at the event include Bitkova Academy, which is an educational platform designed to promote the adoption and use of digital skills education in the Hausa language.

Mahmoud Saduana, CEO at Bitkova Academy

Representing Bitkova Academy, Mahmoud Sardauna (CEO at Bitkova) highlighted the importance of Blockchain technology and its numerous opportunities in Africa, especially in Northern Nigeria which has the highest population density in the country.

Read more about Bitkova here.

VIBRA’s Marketing Director, Samuel Joseph

Samuel Joseph, the marketing manager at VIBRA Africa, an all-in-one crypto trading platform tailored for Africans, made a showcase of amazing features on the VIBRA app that offer numerous earning opportunities for crypto enthusiasts.

To know more about VIBRA click this link

Elsie Godwin, Marketing Manager Cassava presented Cassava, a Blockchain infrastructure ecosystem with a multi-chain wallet, NFT marketplace and rewards system committed to providing Africans with Web2 products and services, inclusive financial services and providing a swift onboarding process for Africans who want to transition from Web2 to Web3.

Visit Cassava Network here

Participants engaging during the panel session

About Adaverse

Founded in 2021, Adaverse is a joint venture between EMURGO Africa and Everest Ventures to improve Web3 startup growth in Africa. As part of EMURGO’s $100 million Cardano investment vehicle, Adaverse is positioned to steadily build the projected $139.4 billion African blockchain market by 2028. Since its launch, Adaverse has invested in 25 Web3 blockchain startups across Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroun etc.

Through strategic collaborations and investment, Adaverse is open to partnerships across African countries that are vested in building a web3 ecosystem for a global market.

Web3 founders will get connected funding to scale and also benefit from the 3-month 1:1 intensive mentorship program which covers numerous aspects of skill acquisition and technical support for product-market acceleration.

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