Adaverse Provides Venture Building Support To NODO To Empower Web3 Innovation In Africa

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5 min readApr 10, 2023

PRESS RELEASE — April 10, 2023

Adaverse, the Cardano venture fund and startup accelerator, announces partnership support for NODO, a Web3 discovery and news platform founded by EMURGO Africa, to further advance NODO’s mission to empower African innovators and consumers with Web3 product knowledge and industry-relevant news.

Through this partnership, Adaverse will work closely with NODO to provide guidance and venture-building expertise, enabling them to grow their business and expand their reach across Africa. NODO will greatly benefit from advisory support that will cover business strategy, product features, marketing, talent acquisition, investor relations, and strategic communications. Additionally, Adaverse will leverage its global network in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and beyond to connect NODO with potential partners, investors, and resources, thus further strengthening its mission to promote the adoption of Web3 products globally.

Adaverse has established itself as a leading accelerator firm for startups since its launch in 2021, with a mission to scale globally relevant solutions sprouting in Africa and leveraging the tools on the Cardano blockchain. Backed by EMURGO Africa and Everest Ventures Group, Adaverse is equipped with Cardano ecosystem resources, connected funding, market insights, international partnerships, technological expertise, and a network of highly experienced entrepreneurs providing mentorship for business growth.

Vincent Li, founding partner at Adaverse, commented, “We’re excited to work with NODO and support their mission of empowering African consumers with Web3 knowledge, seeing as we share the same vision to advance blockchain adoption and support African market growth. Having gained quality and expansive insight into the Web3 market through our investment portfolio, and built a web of connected resources across continents, we are confident that NODO is set on a great course, and with the right resources they will help transform Africa.”

Africa is home to over 1.3 billion people, and its emerging economy holds significant opportunities for Web3 to drive growth and development. With mobile phone penetration on the rise in Africa, young innovators are leveraging blockchain technology to bridge the gap and provide solutions to longstanding challenges such as financial inclusion, transparency, and trust in institutions.

NODO’s Robust Web3 Product Suite

African startups are advancing in blockchain use cases globally, and the Web3 industry continues to gain momentum, especially among the energetic youth population. However, a lot of crypto-native projects struggle with funding and low adoption due to the complexity and technical nature of Web3, which can be challenging for the average consumer, especially those who are not crypto-savvy.

To help Africans navigate this new ecosystem and find the best suite of products that addresses their needs, NODO is tackling this challenge by offering NODO News, NODO Discover, and NODO Web3 Frontrunner 100 which will connect consumers to the opportunities in Web3 and spotlight the pioneers innovating structural solutions to leapfrog Africa on a global economic scale. In addition, NODO aims to improve the venture ecosystem and tackle funding problems for Web3 startups through the newly launched NODO GRANTS.

NODO News is a pan-African news platform that provides dedicated and reliable coverage of the latest developments across the blockchain, crypto, and futuristic technology industries, as well as educational content that empowers African consumers to explore and engage with Web3 products.

NODO Web3 Frontrunner 100 showcases a comprehensive list of 100 Web3 project experts who are driving innovation and adoption of decentralized technology and digital assets across the continent.

While NODO Web3 Frontrunner 100 is aimed at industry experts and founders, NODO Discover focuses on empowering the consumer. Through this service, Web3 consumers can now explore and interact with over 100 leading Web3 products and services currently available across Africa, highlighting the unique use cases and helping to understand the importance of progressive innovation with blockchain technology.

To further address the pain points of Web3 development in Africa, NODO launches its latest offering, NODO GRANTS to support outstanding business ideas and Web3 solutions that aim to advance the adoption of blockchain and improve financial opportunities for African startups and consumers. NODO offers grants ranging from $1000 to $25,000 for African Web3 business solutions at various stages of development, including ideation, pre-launch, and fully launched startups.

NODO Grants can be obtained by applying on the NODO platform here —

We encourage anyone interested in the latest Web3 products and developments in Africa to visit NODO at

About Adaverse

Adaverse is a Cardano ecosystem accelerator, funding young startups to build globally relevant Web3 businesses. With its presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Adaverse portfolio comprises innovative projects focused on building infrastructure and products to advance the emerging Web3 economy while leveraging the highly efficient tools on the Cardano blockchain.

Having committed resources to 30 investment portfolio companies covering multiple sectors, including exchanges, NFTs, gaming, DeFi, Proptech, etc., we are working to promote Africa as a hub for blockchain innovation and create opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs on the continent.

Young Web3 Startups can apply for funding and join the program hub at Adaverse here.

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