Adaverse Accelerator Mentorship Program: Unveiling Progress and Achievements

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4 min readAug 2, 2023

Many have wondered about the inner workings of an accelerator firm, and today we are thrilled to share the key insights and achievements from Adaverse Accelerator’s groundbreaking Web3 program. As we reflect on the remarkable progress made, we extend our gratitude to the esteemed collaborators in the Cardano space, the Web3 ecosystem, visionary investors, inspiring industry leaders, and the exceptional portfolio companies who have been integral to our journey thus far.

What is The Accelerator Program?

Adaverse Accelerator takes immense pride in its pioneering Web3 program, designed to equip Web2 and early-stage Web3 founders with the essential tools for successful entry and eventual scale-up in the blockchain and Web3 ecosystems.

With a duration of three months, our accelerator optimizes and enhances tokenomics, product development, team capabilities, and operational capacity. Before commencement, each company creates a personalized development plan in collaboration with the Adaverse team, which serves as a constant reference point throughout the accelerator journey.

Over the past months, our accelerator program has provided unparalleled support, mentorship, and resources to drive the success of 16 (sixteen) innovative ventures in our portfolio. This Cohort 1 program includes companies such as Awujo, Bitmama, Bitsport, Boundless Pay, Chekkit, Diagon Studios, Mazzuma, Melanin Kapital, Pravica, ScaleX, Seso Global, Stake Fair, Afriblocks, Fonbnk, Versus Africa and HouseAfrica. These young enterprises are building solutions across sectors, which include DeFi, GameFi, Payment, Proptech, NFT, ConsumerFi etc.

Throughout the program, we have had seasoned mentors, along with a diverse expertise of 25+ speakers from the Adaverse global network, including Asia, Africa, America, and the Middle East, who has contributed significantly to the success. Their combined knowledge and experiences in building tech corporations and Web3 enterprises added tremendous value to the program, transcending geographical boundaries. Notably, EMURGO provided expert training on Cardano’s product development process, and insightful contributions from multinational speakers delving into the intricacies of business and community in product development greatly enriched the participants.

Demo Day is Around The Corner

As we approach the conclusion of the accelerator program, the excitement intensifies, and all eyes are on the horizon, eagerly awaiting the grand event — Demo Day. This pivotal occasion is scheduled for September 2023, and it will mark a significant milestone for our dedicated and enterprising startups, a moment to showcase their boundless potential, attract more investors, and propel their growth trajectory to new heights.

We are deeply motivated and proud of the exceptional portfolio companies that have embarked on this transformative journey with us. The coming weeks will witness startup founders aggregating their learnings, crafting impressive portfolios that speak volumes about their visionary ideas and unwavering determination.

Adaverse accelerator program is a dynamic combination of strategic investment, personalized mentorship, and invaluable global connections, specifically tailored for African startups eager to embrace the limitless potential of Web3. Our mission is to equip founders with essential Web3 know-how, and we are proud of the journey so far for our Cohort 1. As we witness the tremendous progress our portfolio companies are making, we warmly welcome investors, mentors, and all stakeholders to engage with our innovative Web3 startups during our upcoming Demo Day and be part of this transformative journey. — Vincent Li, Adaverse Founding Partner

Racing Towards Greatness

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the mentors, speakers, and collaborators whose invaluable contributions have shaped the trajectory of our startups. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in transforming visions into realities, paving the way for innovative solutions that promise to reshape industries and empower communities.

As we continue to provide unwavering support, we remain dedicated to ushering in more resources, empowering these promising startups to embark on a journey of success and innovation. The future is bright, and Demo Day serves as a launchpad for their extraordinary ventures.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting and empowering the next wave of Web3 pioneers. Together, let us continue to redefine industries, drive innovation, and shape a decentralized world that transcends boundaries.

About Adaverse

Adaverse is a trailblazing Venture Fund and Accelerator that stands as a beacon of innovation in Africa, Asia, and beyond. A product of collaborative venture between EMURGO Africa, a subsidiary of EMURGO, the official commercial arm of the Cardano Blockchain, and Everest Ventures Group, a leading blockchain and digital asset venture studio. Adaverse nurtures and propels founders on their journey to scale Web 3 solutions with a ticket offer ranging from 100k up to a million.

With an extensive portfolio comprising over 35 startups across 10 sectors in 8 countries, Adaverse offers unparalleled support, from funding and mentorship to cutting-edge tech infrastructure. Through its visionary approach and collaborative spirit, Adaverse is redefining the landscape of entrepreneurship, empowering startups to revolutionize industries and shape a decentralized future with global impact.

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