Adaverse 2023 — A Year of Unprecedented Growth and Global Reach

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5 min readDec 31, 2023


As we drop our pens on the last page of 2023, it’s time to celebrate a year of extraordinary achievements at Adaverse. Standing tall in the Cardano ecosystem, we’ve not just marked the calendar but etched our presence globally as an investor, accelerator, and incubator extraordinaire.

From a dynamic accelerator program in Africa to our strategic expansion into Saudi Arabia, this year has been incredibly fulfilling. Join us as we flip back through the pages of 2023, reliving each moment of progress, each milestone achieved, and every connection made across continents.

Catalyzing Innovation: Startup Funding

At the heart of our endeavors lies our core mission to accelerate the growth of young Web3 startups, a mission we’ve advanced with remarkable success. This year, we channeled a total of $10 million into 60 investments, spreading our impact across 13 countries on 4 continents. Significantly, our Global Investor Network expanded, now encompassing over 150 investors spread across 5 continents.

Nurturing Success, Expanding Horizons

  • Accelerating Growth in Africa: Our debut accelerator program for African Startups Cohort1 was a powerhouse of innovation, successfully propelling 16 startups into the future of global scaling. Guided by 20 external mentors and our proficient internal team, we provided strategic investment, personalized mentorship, and global connections.
  • Demo Day Success: The culmination of our accelerator program was the highly anticipated Demo Day, a testament to the hard work and progress of our Africa Portfolio which featured 25 startups. This event attracted over 150 investors and industry experts, including notable figures like Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. It was a vibrant showcase of innovation and potential, highlighting the promising future of the startups nurtured under Adaverse’s wing.
  • Global Expansion into Saudi Arabia: 2023 marked a significant chapter for us with our expansion into Saudi Arabia. This move not only signifies our growing global footprint but also our commitment to fostering technological innovation and entrepreneurship in new markets.

Global Incubated Projects

The success of our incubated projects underscored the impact of Adaverse’s nurturing approach, reflecting a wide spectrum of innovation within our ecosystem.

  • NODO established itself as a pivotal pan-African product community platform for information, education, and product showcase for Web3 space boasting over 600 products and 80,000 users
  • Astarter is a key DeFi hub in Cardano Ecosystem accelerating DApps.
  • CNS Cardano Connect also stood out this year as a social networking platform on Cardano using .ada domains to create unique social identities.

Podcast Series and Expert Guest Appearances

Our special podcast series and webinars featured renowned global economic experts and founders in our portfolio building for a better future, bringing invaluable insights to our audience. We released a total of 17 podcasts, attracting over 2,000 listeners. Additionally, our BuildUp Africa monthly educational series — Investor Roundtable, included many experts from the global tech space.

Team Growth and Website Revamp

Another notable highlight this year was the addition of new team members to the Adaverse family. These experts have been instrumental in our journey, infusing our projects with their in-depth knowledge and innovative strategies.

Complementing our team’s expansion, we undertook a significant revamp of our website. This update has not only enhanced our online presence but also more accurately reflects our identity as a leading entity as a Cardano Ecosystem accelerator and incubator. We invite you to explore our new website at

Conferences, Webinars, and Events

  • Networking and Events: We’ve been active on all fronts, organizing and participating in blockchain-focused events across Africa and the Middle East. Our partnership with EMURGO Africa and NODO played a crucial role in these successful events where thousands of market makers, crypto enthusiasts and blockchain visionaries have gathered to share knowledge and ideas.
  • CARDANO SUMMIT Dubai: A highlight of our year was attending the CARDANO SUMMIT in Dubai, a hub of innovation and futuristic ideas, where we made our presence felt and formed valuable connections.

Looking Ahead into 2024

As Adaverse moves into 2024, we’re brimming with anticipation for the innovative initiatives and expansions planned. Our focus will be on launching new projects with cutting-edge features and expanding into fresh markets to connect with a wider audience, including emerging tech enthusiasts and digital trailblazers.

Big on our plate is our continued support for our portfolios especially startups that we will support to launch their tokens, aligning with our Cardano-focused vision, we’re aiming to help 16 startups release top-tier tokens that leverage opportunities across global markets.

While we’re keeping more surprises under wraps, rest assured, the upcoming year is set to be a thrilling one with our KSA launch party scheduled for February.

A heartfelt thanks to our partners, collaborators, media partners, and all the esteemed guests who graced our events, podcasts and meetups. Your insights and contributions have been invaluable. To all the friends of Adaverse, our followers, and the incredible Adaverse global team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes — your dedication and effort have been the driving force behind our success.

As 2023 comes to a close, I am deeply appreciative of the strides we’ve made at Adaverse. Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force, contributing significantly to economic growth and innovation. In Asia, our focused efforts on dynamic market expansion have been fruitful, reflecting the region’s unique business acumen. Additionally, the welcoming spirit of Saudi Arabia has been inspiring, and we look forward to build more strong presence as we support innovative ventures in the Kingdom. Cheers to a groundbreaking 2024 filled with more achievements and collaborations! — Vincent Li, Adaverse Founding Partner



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